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Two upcoming shows this holiday season. The first one is at the Holiday Port Festival on December 6, the second is at the Holiday Festival of the Arts on December 24.

This web site is about to be transformed to reflect all of my music, not just my instrumental solo guitar. In the future you will be able to enjoy all kinds of wonderful music, including my solo guitar, as well as my rock music with and without vocals, my folk rock, my jazz and new age.

In addition to my music you will also be able to learn about my music lessons that I offer.

I will also be offering a music marketing service for other artists that need this service.

I am also going to be changing my newsletter, so if you have subscribed to my Backstage Club the e-mails will stop for a while, until I update the entire thing.

Your patience is appreciated while I work hard on all of these upcoming changes.

Keep checking back to see what changes are in store.


God For A Day

My latest composition is a memorial for a loved one that recently passed. In my grief I wrote this song that shares what I would do if I could be God For A Day. What would you do if you could be God For A Day? You can purchase the single here.

Big Changes Coming to this Site

In the upcoming weeks this web site will be under going many changes. In addition to sharing my instrumental solo guitar music I will be adding my other styles of music that I compose and play. These will include Rock, Jazz, New Age, and something I call "Pop Folk Rock". Since my music interests and compositions cover much ground and many styles are crossed and connected I feel I need to share as much of my music with you as possible. For my solo guitar fans out there, rest assured I am not going away from this style, I will still be performing shows as an instrumental solo guitar player, however on this site I will be sharing my other compositions as well.

Your patience is greatly appreciated while I work hard to make the many changes that will be upcoming.

Stories Without Words

Hello I am Terry Lynn Tschaekofske a guitar player in Washington who performs fingerstyle guitar in a new age style.  My music is instrumental solo guitar, while there are no words to my music, there are indeed stories, emotions and ideas being expressed with each song.  My music and song are my stories without words, I would like to share these musical stories with you. 

I blend the styles of jazz, rock, blues, classical, folk and combine with a high energy feel, creating an easy listening contemporary new age sound.  Melodic harmonies that are sometimes lively, other times mellow, always exciting. 

I perform wonderful unique original music, as well as stimulating arrangements of classic pop songs.  This makes my live show perfect for various situations.  Everything from entertainment for your main event to restaurant entertainment, from private party entertainment, to corporate entertainment.  My music will help ensure your events are filled with fantastic music and marvelous times.

Many people like to turn on my music and relax, some like to meditate while enjoying my music.  Others use it for yoga.  Some people will use it to calm young children.  While still others use it for background music in their everyday life.  My music fits well in many listening situations.  I hope you will find many times when my music is the perfect sonic backdrop.

Experience Illusions

Terry Lynn Tschaekofske, Illusions, Instrumental Solo Acoustic Guitar New Age Guitar Music

"You can feel the emotion coming through with each note"

"Too beautiful to be true"

"Awesome instrumental bliss"

Wonderful things are being said about my debut solo album Illusions.  Read more...